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IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional

CODE: 13707

Price: £2,395.00    (Including tax)

Jura’s Impressa XJ9 Professional is the perfect marriage of form and function. The high end coffee experience is as much about ambience and mood, and the Impressa XJ9 Professional reflects this through every line and curve. With an immaculate, stylish design and a chrome and silver finish, this commercial coffee machine is as much a triumph of interior design as it is a dispenser of top quality specialist coffees.

The Impressa XJ9 can produce an extensive range of boutique coffees to cater to the tastes of even the most ardent coffee aficionados. With aroma preservation features and active bean monitoring to ensure that coffee is always fresh, fine foam technology to ensure a professional foam finish and a bevy of other features, the Impressa XJ9 promises to deliver an unforgettable coffee experience.

  • One-Touch interface: Dispense consistently perfect specialities at the touch of a button
  • Fine foam technology: Create the perfect fine, feather-light, milk foam automatically
  • 3.5" TFT colour display: Take advantage of a crystal clear display for selection feedback, visual user guidance and monitoring system status
  • Visually appealing: A carefully considered aesthetic and sleek finish that enhances the value of any environment.
  • Tantalise the senses: With an aroma preservation cover and an active bean monitoring system ensure consistently fresh coffee beans
  • Never run on empty: Take advantage of high capacity storage, including a 500g bean container and a 4L water tank
  • 20 customisable specialities: Specialist coffee to suit any palate
  • Save Energy: Eco-intelligent Energy Save Mode and Zero Energy Switch functions ensure that power is not needlessly wasted